Stop Gray Market activity. Increase margins. Improve brand value.

Ordian MI helps you understand, expose and dismantle Gray Market activity – then deploy a better solution to remarket at-risk stock.

Understand The Data

Identify The Leaks

Stabilize Prices

Ordian MI ends Gray Market disruption for Consumer Electronics Brands

STEP one

Quantify the problem

Gray market sellers are merely symptomatic of a greater problem, which is a lack of control and transparency around your true retail and secondary distribution networks.

We integrate our technology with your data to expose, map and quantify the hidden networks that supply unauthorized sellers. Our analysis helps you identify and eliminate:

  • Product diversion and price arbitrage
  • Rebate and sell-through credit fraud
  • Bulk deals to unauthorized sellers
  • Triangulation fraud
  • Refurb/counterfeit sold as new

STEP two

Identify the leaks

Understanding why and how unauthorized sellers are obtaining your products is the key to fixing it.

Ordian MI’s solution is to attack the supply chain of these sellers – treat sellers as the symptom, and the supply chain which allows them to sell products below MAP as the true problem.

  • High frequency data aggregation and machine learning algorithms quantify sales and identify top disruptors
  • Supply chain investigation ties unauthorized sellers to authorized customers
  • Best of breed analytics and network maps expose and quantify supply chains

STEP three

Stop the flow of product

Engaging with Authorized Partners to fix the bad behavior that enables product diversion is only possible with data you can trust.

Ordian MI’s analytics coupled with your supply chain data will give you the confidence to hold Authorized Partners to account and demand change.

  • Dynamic dashboards in real time ensure 24/7 monitoring
  • Measure impact of Authorized Partners
  • Enable constructive, fact-based discussions with Authorized Partners to fix the bad behavior

Ready to shut down the gray market?

It’s time to stop the disruption and take back control

Amazon’s FBA infrastructure and market dominance has removed the logistical and marketing barriers to selling large volumes online. Now anyone with inventory and a computer competes head-to-head with your Tier 1 retailers. This leads to:

Price and margin erosion

Unhappy retailers, lost shelf space

Lost buy box and reduced sales

Wasted time managing disruption

“We 100% trust Ordian MI to stop the flow of our products to unauthorized sellers to maintain our healthy and profitable retail ecosystem.”

Ordian MI Customer