Marketplace Intelligence to end Gray Market disruption

Ordian MI is expert in identifying the scams, frauds and incentives that enable the flow of products in the Gray Market. Our team takes you right to the source of the issue, delivering a 10-20x ROI.

How does the Gray Market
impact my Brand?

Even the most successful Brands struggle with disruption caused by Unauthorized Resellers. This has a direct impact on your bottom line and results in:

Price and margin erosion

Unhappy retailers, lost shelf space

Lost Buy Box and reduced sales

Wasted time managing disruption

Just how big is the Gray Market?

There is no doubt the Gray Market is continuing to grow. The impact on IT Brands is just one example of the negative impact the Gray Market has.


of Brands have impacted products


annual Gray Market flow of IT products


annual lost profits for those IT Brands

How Ordian MI stops Gray Market impact

Delivering a 10-20x return on your investment, Ordian MI uses Serial Tracking, Mystery Test Buying and Machine Learning algorithms to connect all the dots.


What’s the dollar impact of Unauthorized Resellers stealing your Buy Box and the resulting lost margin. What are they selling? How much inventory do they hold and what disruption do they cause?


Granular detail on Unauthorized Resellers and anyone enabling your Gray Market disruption. Expose what, where and when goods were shipped - by name - and quantify the damage being caused.


Next, we take the extra step and show you how to stop it happening – for good. Based on years of in-market experience, our Advisory Team works with you to eliminate the problem at its source.

Learn more about how Ordian MI works

How Ordian MI works

Empower your team with the data, tools and expertise you need to stop the flow of product to Unauthorized Resellers on eCommerce marketplaces.

Smarter Algorithms

Ordian MI algorithms and machine learning enable advanced analytics that keep getting smarter over time.

Expert Advisors

You have some of the smartest Gray Market and Marketplace Intelligence experts permanently partnered with your team.

Auto Test Buying

We know what to buy, from whom, to prove a Gray Market attack including anonymous purchasing to provide evidence.

Learn more about what Ordian MI can do for you

Some of the brands that we’re trusted to protect

“We 100% trust Ordian to stop the flow of our products to unauthorized sellers to maintain our a healthy and profitable retail ecosystem.”


Ready to win back the Buy Box?

Let us show you how exposed you are

We can provide a free, baseline assessment of your Gray Market exposure. Contact us today to start the process and understand exactly why you need Ordian MI and the kind of RoI we can deliver.

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