Shut down the gray market and stop marketplace disruption

Ordian marketplace intelligence provides world-class analytics and data that protects global brands from market disruption by shutting down the gray market.

Stop the flow of product to unauthorized sellers

Even the most successful brands struggle with disruption caused by unauthorized gray market sellers. This has a direct impact on your bottom line and results in:

Price and margin erosion

Unhappy retailers, lost shelf space

Lost buy box and reduced sales

Wasted time managing disruption

Ready to shut down the gray market?

Take back the buy box

Ordian MI is a proprietary market intelligence software service that helps you identify and stop the flow of product to unauthorized sellers, so you can build a healthy and profitable retail ecosystem.

Integrate Ordian MI technology with your data to discover supply leaks.

Expose and quantify the supply chain of unauthorized sellers.

Measure the gray market impact of Authorized Partners.

Use data to challenge bad behavior and demand change.

Build a healthier retail ecosystem.​

Get started in just three simple steps

Empower your team with the data and tools you need to stop the flow of product to unauthorized sellers on e-commerce marketplaces.

STEP one

Schedule a call

We’ll take the time to understand your unique challenges and provide a free gray market report to quantify the disruption you’re seeing.


Get the data you need

Get to know the facts on unauthorized sales and the impact each authorized partner is making to the gray market.


Win back the buy box

Remove the bad actors, fix the leaks, and take back control of your online pricing and build strong retail relationships.