Stop Gray Market activity. Increase margins. Improve brand value.

Ordian MI helps you Understand, Expose and Dismantle Gray Market activity – then Deploy a better solution to remarket at-risk stock.

Not every Brand starts with the full Ordian MI offering. For some it’s enough to Understand the extent of the issue. Others know they’ve a problem and want to put an end to their Gray Market issues. Your Ordian MI experience is right-sized to what you need.

Ordian MI ends Gray Market disruption for Consumer Electronics Brands






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Ordian MI is not driven by the number of ASINS you have or platforms you’re on. It combines your data with marketplace feeds and our unique algorithms, to uncover:

  • The number of Unauthorized Resellers winning your Buy Box

  • The % of time they are winning

  • The exact dollar-size of the problem including annualized lost margin

  • Daily sales and inventory of every Unauthorized Seller on your listings

  • Which Unauthorized Resellers are causing the most disruption

  • Who the Unauthorized Resellers are – down to their address

This is where most solutions stop. But understanding what is happening doesn’t help your bottom line. You need to expose the root cause of the problem (product diversion and fraud), not just the symptoms.



To identify exactly who is causing the damage, Ordian MI uses a combination of bespoke smart analytics and automated Mystery Test Buying. All the data you need to act:

• Who dropped price below MAP, first – on what goods, at what price – with time stamped accuracy (including Authorized Partners)

• Where the goods were originally shipped from and how they are getting to market

• Rebate and sell-through credit fraud

• Bulk deals to Unauthorized Sellers

• Triangulation fraud

• Refurb/counterfeit sold as new

It is why Brands like Google, Garmin and Fitbit trust Ordian MI to manage the Gray Market for them. But even with all this intelligence – you haven’t attacked the root cause of your Gray Market issues.

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We partner with you to take out the bad actors. Our industry-leading machine learning algorithms provide real-time Marketplace Sales Analysis to drive effective action:

  • Who is doing ‘what’ to attack your Buy Box – as it happens

  • Who is driving the biggest losses, so you can prioritize and target them directly

  • The best tactics to use to eliminate the threat (we can’t tell you what these are for obvious reasons)

  • Insight into the latest scams, frauds and underhand tactics being deployed in your eco-system

  • In depth reporting so all your stakeholders can track what’s happening

Our expert Advisory team works with you to interpret the data and identify the right action to take. We track the impact of your Gray Market initiatives, so you know Ordian MI is working and the exact ROI you achieve.

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