Ordian MI does things differently

It is not just what we do – but how we do it – that makes Ordian MI unique.

Ordian MI combines smart algorithms, machine learning, automation and human know-how to win the Buy Box

At its heart Ordian MI is a highly sophisticated data platform. As a customer you get access to some of the most powerful analytics, reporting and machine learning in our space – plus a whole lot more.

No matter if you’re one of the biggest Consumer Electronics Brands on the planet – or one of the smallest – we want you to get the best possible result from working with us.

This is how we do it.

Smarter algorithms

Ordian MI algorithms and machine learning enable incredibly advanced analytics - including Marketplace Sales Analysis with distribution network mapping and seller grading. It's taken years to develop - and if you think our algorithms are smart now, they just keep getting smarter with time.

Expert Advisors

You need the full Ordian MI offering to get our Advisory Service but even our largest, most sophisticated, customers tell us how valuable it is. You get some of the smartest Gray Market and Marketplace Intelligence experts proactively partnered with your team for advice that gets results.

Automated Test Buying

We know what to buy, from whom, to prove a Gray Market attack. Our full service includes anonymous purchasing - with documentation to provide irrefutable evidence if needed. This is where serialization really comes into its own but we can still do a range of mystery test buying without it.

Exceptional Reporting

Reporting's at the core of what we do. There is incredible complexity in simplifying the massive amounts of data we process to see the Gray Market attacks on your Brand. It means everyone sees the issues, improvements and ROI - from Operational Reports to sophisticated Strategic Analysis.

Gray Market Boot Camp

Our Gray Market Boot Camp is how your team gets to ‘know what they don’t know.’ We take you through a short course of high-value learning. We use your own data so you get immediate value from Ordian MI while building internal capability. All included in the core product - at no extra cost.

We’re all in

We have bundled system set up, onboarding and support into our core product. There are no hidden costs, tiers or penalties for the size of your team. What we provide is right-sized for your organization to ensure you get maximum value from working with us. And we can’t wait to get started.

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