We understand the challenges of market disruption

We’ve been there. We understand sellers, their supply chains, and the economics which drive them.

We work from decades of experience with global consumer brands and delivering data-driven strategies

Experience in the gray market

Ordian MI started out as a marketplace intelligence tool for Protempo, an authorized 3P Amazon, refurb and clearance partner for tier 1 consumer electronics brands. We were experiencing the same disruption you’re experiencing now, and we realized that cutting off the supply chain of unauthorized sellers is the only true long-term solution.

Scaling Ordian MI as a solution

Based on its success in protecting our own authorized 3P business, we recruited a team of gray market and data experts to scale and re-launch Ordian MI as a software service for global brands. That means more brands can be empowered with the data and solution to cut off the flow of product to unauthorized sellers, backed by the insights and gray market expertise of the Ordian MI team.

Expertise with global brands

Every day, our team helps global consumer electronics brands like Google, Apple, Beats, Lenovo, Jabra, and Otterbox solve their gray market and inventory challenges. The result is quite rare in this field: a product with quantifiable benefits and a proven ROI.