Why you need to monitor MAP

Your Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) should be the lowest price your goods are sold at – outside of approved promotions with authorized resellers. If you were to go online right now it is probably wouldn’t be hard to find your products being sold below MAP by a number of Unauthorized Resellers you may have never […]

How to find Unauthorized Resellers in the Gray Market

There are any number of reasons why your products end up on the Gray Market.  Identifying they are there is the easy part.  But who is selling them?  How did they get the product? At what volume? And how can you stop it from happening again – and again – and again?  In an ideal […]

What is the Buy Box and how to own it

When we are talking about the Gray Market, we just assume everyone knows what the Buy Box is – and while an everyday term for us, we know the Buy Box isn’t well understood.  Even if you do know what it is – owning it is another matter altogether. But to own it, first you […]