Jabra Remarketing Product Bundles to Drive Sales

The Result

An additional 964 units sold with zero impact on other sales, MAP or brand value.

The Customer:

Jabra is a globally renowned headphones Brand that has a strong history in producing best-in-class solutions. To maintain its very strong, high-value Brand in market Jabra looked to apply some of its own creativity in working with Protempo, Ordian Partners’ remarketing provider.

The Issue:

Jabra looked to increase sales on its premium 65t True Wireless Headphones but didn’t want to disrupt its existing channels. In discussion with Ordian MI sister comany, Protempo, there was an opportunity to engage with online retail specialist Outdoor Tech (another Ordian Partners brand). Together they identified a simple yet sophisticated solution.

The Solution:

Protempo partnered Jabra’s 65t Headphones with Outdoor Tech’s rugged power bank to create a unique bundle SKU at a highly attractive price point.  This bundle was not sold anywhere in the market, other than through Outdoor Tech’s retail website, fuelled by the hundreds of thousands of subscribers to Outdoor Tech’s customer database. As a closed channel, it was the ideal conduit through which to push this bundle out.   

Protempo de-kitted the Jabra 65t units from their regular box and bundled with the Outdoor Tech powerbanks in a specially designed retail box. The unique branding and marketing of the new box prevented re-sale of the units on other online marketplaces. All the packaging production, de-kitting, marketing, shipping and fulfilment was done in-house at Protempo.

The Outcome:

This is a great example of how the wider Ordian Partners network can create legitimate channels for Ordian MI customers to deploy secure, discreet, legitimate tactics to solve supply chain issues. In partnering the two products, both Jabra and Outdoor Tech were able to increase their unit sales whilst preserving the MAP price of their units in the market.

“This was a true ‘win-win’ for all parties. We were able to sell through an increased number of our power banks and have a unique product to complement it, bringing together two great Brands. ”

- CEO of Outdoor Tech

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